How To EASILY WIN A Solo In Fortnite Season 7! (Fortnite How To Win Solo Tips)

In this video today we’re gonna be going to be going over how to win a solo in season 7 of Fortnite. In my opinion, playing solo matches are probably the best game mode for getting better fortnite player. Since you’re totally on your own, solos really force you to overcome your weaknesses and find ways to win engagements. If you can’t do that, well then you’re going back to the lobby. And I’m pretty sure solos is the most popularly played game mode in Fortnite because it’s easily the most convenient, you can just hop on and play. So, this video today is going to be me sharing a bunch of tips for winning a solo in season 7. Season 7 solos are drastically different than solo matches from the previous 6 season of Fortnite. I believe that these tips will not only help you guys win a solo in season 7 but also become a better fortnite player in general. I hope you guys enjoy this video!

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19.90 Solos K/D (73.40 Win Percentage)
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10.22 Squads K/D (7.42 Kills Per Match)

Career High Kill Games:
Solos- 29
Duos- 32
Squads- 29